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Ali Balawi

Ali Balawi.JPG

Board Member

Ali Balawi is a community and patient advocate who works in the field of Children Behavioral Health. He is a founding member of Yansoon collective, an organization that has fundraised for Syrian and Yemeni refugees who have been displaced by war. He serves as the WCHC Board Chair and provides leadership and guidance to the organization.  

Faisel Mohamed

Faisel Mohamed_WCHC Board Member.jpg

Board Member

Faisel Mohamed is a community activist who is involved with numerous organizations in a variety of capacities. Currently, Faisel serves as the Chair of Community Affairs at the Yemeni American Political Action Committee in Hamtramck, Michigan. Prior to migrating to the United States, Faisel's previous work experience included nursing in multiple hospitals in Yemen and serving as the director of a health center there.

Malek Hussein

Board Member Malek Hussein Image.PNG

Board Vice President

Malek Hussein is a Hamtramck resident and business owner. He serves as a board member for the Hamtramck Zoning Appeal Board and for the WCHC Board. 

Ramis Wadood


Board Chair

Ramis J. Wadood is an attorney and Skadden Fellow at the ACLU of Michigan, where he helps Michigan’s immigrant communities fight back against abusive law enforcement tactics. He is also the Co-Chair of the Michigan Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (MCIRR) and serves on the Attorney Committee for American Citizens for Justice (ACJ). 

Wilma Stringer


Board Treasurer

Before she retired, Wilma Stringer had worked in healthcare, investment banking, and fundraising. She has an interest in the financial and political effects of both health and healthcare disparities. Wilma would like to work with WCHC’s clients, volunteers, and staff to broaden our understanding of these problems, and possibly help design specific interventions. 

Maali Luqman

Maali Luqman Photo.png

Board Member

Maali Luqman is the Deputy City Manager of the city of Hamtramck. As a community leader, she was also one of the nationwide Legacy Cities Fellows, a Fellowship through the Lincoln Institute that focuses on revitalization of industrial cities throughout the country. She served as a District Associate Dean at the largest community college district in Michigan and a teacher throughout Michigan and abroad. 

Ahmed Ali

Board Member_Ahmed Ali Photo.JPG

Board Quality Chair

Ahmed Ali is a Hamtramck native and has lived in the city his whole life. He spent two years working with WCHC in several positions including Medical Receptionist, Outreach Counselor, and Quality Director. He left WCHC in 2020 to pursue medical school at Oakland University where currently studying. He hopes to return to serve the city as a Primary Care Physician upon completing his training. 

Amena Ludi

Amena Ludi Picture.jpg

Board Member

Amena Ludi is a board member at Wayne County Healthy Communities (WCHC). She has been involved at WCHC for a long period of time. She is also a student at Wayne State University, majoring in CIS.

Muhammad Nusair

Muhamad Nusair_Board Member.jpg

Board Member

Muhammad Nusair is a Hamtramck resident and business owner. He is currently pursing a degree in computer science and aspires to help the community improve its technology. He is very passionate about the serving community and enjoys volunteering in his free time.

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